What does saving lives means? How is Don Juravin saving lives?


Saving lives could mean a doctor saving a patient from illness, a rescuer responding to an incident, a defender protecting another person from harm, or an intervening person stopping someone from behaving in a way that will harm them.

There would be occurrences where someone or something has a great impact to our lives and influenced us in making the right decisions and doing the right actions. These people are our mentors, and they are saving our lives through their influence.

Whether these influences be great or small, we can’t take the fact that they change our lives for the best.

Don Juravin - Mentor, Researcher, Healthy lifestyle coach
Don Juravin – Mentor, Researcher, Healthy lifestyle coach

You can save a life by literally telling someone what to do to and how to live a healthy and happy life. You can show them respect for the situation they are in, care for what they feel and plan on how they need to improve their lives.

Don Juravin, one of the best mentors and healthy-life coaches in the US has helped thousands to achieve a healthy lifestyle and live a happy life. With his coaching and military attitude he has helped more than 90,000 people around the US. There are people who shared their stories and showed the world what is it like to have a great mentor, a life coach and someone who literally can save your life, with his care, knowledge and compassion.

What does saving lives mean? It means changing the way people actually live their lives, for the better.

Don Juravin Uses Research To Fight the Evil of Ignorance


Some habits and truths are self-evident to everyone. Wash your hands, sleep every day, drink water. But not everything is so obvious. 

In the interest of helping people become educated, efficient, and happy, Don Juravin created researches in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Some of these studies teach people the importance of vaccinations, and what people can do to combat the misinformation that is spread by others. 

Juravin also created several studies to promote the rights of women. He believes that women are better than men, but because of this, women have to do more to teach men how to treat them. Juravin firmly believes that countries need more women to lead them in government. 

Juravin’s other studies show that even though people believe that the United States is number one when it comes to progress, it actually is not. Much more progress needs to be made when it comes to teenage pregnancies, which show a lack of education in schools. The spike in the deaths from addictive drugs shows that the country needs to focus on solving the opioid crises in a different manner. 

Some of the information can be used by people who are traveling, or determining the best places to live.  His studies show the safest countries to drive, and the places where one is less likely to get robbed, and the safest place to live without air pollution

Many have agreed that Juravin’s researches have improved their lives. “As a mentor, Don was truly amazing. I felt such a strong connection to him, and he always showed great care for me,” wrote Lablu Akhon in a review. 

Tanya Lynch Cooley Lost 70 Pounds in 11 Weeks!


Losing weight can help improve your health dramatically. It can extend your lifespan and also help your quality of life go up, instead of down. 

Tanya Lynch Cooley was able to lose 60 pounds and improve her life by alleviating her diabetes symptoms. “I started this journey at 286 pounds and I am currently 226 pounds,” she wrote on the Healthy Weight Bootcamp group on Facebook. “There is no stopping me.” 

When Tanya started the diet, she was concerned about her dependency on fatty foods. “I am a late night eater,” she wrote. “I am dependent on convenience foods. Everything in my life centered around eating in some fashion.” She was motivated to change her life for her own sake, and also for her family’s sake. “I am tired of watching life happen and I want to be participating again.” 

The doctors worried that if Tanya did not lose weight, she would be bound to a wheelchair. “I have diabetes, high cholesterol, psoriasis, fatty liver, and high lipids due to my unhealthy lifestyle choices. It all stops now!” 

The group encouraged Tanya to talk about her non-scale victories, (NSVs). One of them was that she could now sit for the camera without dealing with her lack of self-confidence. “Over 4 months ago,” she said, “you would not catch me in front of the camera. I was always the picture taker unless it was a face only shot, and that had to be taken at just the right angle. I am so happy to have found this product and have a full body, no filter picture taken that did not make me sick to my stomach.” 

Tanya was also happy that she could wear normal clothes again. “It’s been 20 years since I could button and wear a pair of size 14 jeans,” she wrote to the group. “Happy dance!” 

The weight also took the pain out her back. “I can get off the floor without help, put my shoes on without just sliding my foot into them. I went from close to immobile from back pain to walking 2 miles a day. 

In addition, Tanya’s diabetes stopped being a problem because she dropped all the weight. “I am no longer a diabetic, not even a pre-diabetic, thanks to GBA!” she wrote. 

The confidence helped her too in social situations. “I am going to my husband’s company Christmas party,” she wrote. “I have lots of confidence in my size 14.” 

Type 2 diabetes can be reversible if one puts in the time and effort necessary to lose weight and fat. Extra fat in the body affects the production of insulin and makes it difficult for your body to process sugar.

Is Don Juravin’s Research Legitimate or Fake?


Don Juravin takes a great interest in educating the public. He wants people to start thinking and learning so that they can live better lives and know what to do in certain situations. He tries to warn people so that they do not get scammed. 

Juravin Research is an endeavor to inform the public and stir some sense of debate. It is important for Americans to know what is going on in their country and learn how it compares to other countries. The research is done well and relies on a variety of sources. 

People who think women should not be in government are very much behind the times. Juravin used the knowledge he had gained from years of living in Israel and Europe and compared it to the statistics in America. He discovered that America was not the number 1 country in the world when it came to progress. 

Americans shouldn’t be content to be where they are. They should be striving to do better. America can be the number 1 country in the world, with the best kind of equality. 

The same applies to Islam. Mr. Juravin sees the division and strife that happens around the world with Muslims and Christians and people of many other religions, and he simply wants them to exist in harmony with each other. Mr. Juravin means no insult to anybody.

Opinions are important. In the United States, people are free to express their opinions, and in fact, are encouraged to do so. Mr. Juravin wants to spark conversation. 

Juravin comparisons are meant to help people look at the facts about the world. They are not fake, because they use statistics from the World Health Organization. How can this information be fake, or lies, or meant to scam people? 

Like the Gastric Bypass Alternative, Juravin Research helps people learn in order to better their lives. He tries to offer a different perspective on all kinds of information. 

In addition, Juravin Research can even help people lose weight. Some of the pieces written are meant for people to consider about their health. Orange juice is actually full of sugar, which is bad for you and can make you fat. If you want to lose weight, don’t drink orange juice.