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Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative program has been changing lives and saving people from invasive surgery for twelve years. Thom Scott testified to the program’s effectiveness. 

He wrote on the Facebook group’s wall, “One month and down 30.2 lbs. Still have a LONG way to go to reach my healthy weight of 152. I know my persistence with the regimen and change of eating habits will get me there. Very glad to have found this product.” 

This is not Thom’s only interaction in this group. He has had an active Facebook page for quite a few years, with several updates. In addition, he joined the group in 2016. A simple search within the group revealed his conversations with other people. 

Don Juravin tagged Thom Scott in a Facebook post he created explaining what it means to be at a healthy goal. The post encouraged others to lose weight and start thinking about what being skinny could entail. 

Mr. Juravin wrote that people who lose enough weight to reach their goals are free to leave the group. They should dress up and enjoy their bodies, and start doing the things that they previously felt too fat to do. 

He reminded his followers that by losing weight, people get better jobs. People who lose weight immediately gain more respect at their existing jobs, while they also are more capable of going out and getting better jobs. Unfortunately, employers are more willing to take on employees that look healthier and fit than those that look like they will be sick most of the time.

People who lose weight also end up having better, stronger relationships. They are better able to work on their self-esteem. When you are better able to respect yourself, other people can respect you as well. It is easier to build up self confidence when you actually believe in yourself. 

Overall, Thom Scott actually lost weight. He is an active member of the group, and he is a real person. The Gastric Bypass Alternative helped him become healthier on his own, without the need for invasive surgery. 

Don Juravin Helps People Lose Weight


The world’s number one weight loss expert has been accused by his critics of being a scam. However, results don’t lie. The only victims of any scam are treacherous fat cells which dissipate because of the Gastric Bypass Alternative.

The purpose of the Gastric Bypass Alternative is to help people lose weight in order to be healthy and avoid invasive surgery. If Don Juravin were a scam, no one would have lost any weight. However, many people lost weight. The purpose of the product was achieved. The Gastric Bypass Alternative is not a scam. 

Barbara Grimes lost 74 pounds in three months. How could the Gastric Bypass Alternative be fake if Grimes was able to lose 74 pounds? Thanks to the program, she was able to avoid the gastric bypass surgery. The surgery offers a risk of death during the first thirty days. These risks are higher than they should be. In addition, levels of discomfort also come with the operation. 

Candace Bonilla lost 70 pounds in less than four months. She wrote, “Super exciting stuff! It’s been  a lot of hard work but I know I am getting closer to my healthy weight every day!” Losing weight will make you feel better overall. Your back and joints are not working as hard when you lose significant weight. You have less of a chance of developing osteoarthritis in your old age as well. 

If you lose more weight, it becomes easier to exercise and move around. You’ll have more energy to exercise, which means that keeping the weight off will be easier. 

Weight loss also makes your life better overall. Diet and exercise help improve your mental function. It makes you happier, better able to focus, and easier to remember. 

Lisa Forster lost 80 pounds in two months. But she’s not finished! She wants to lose a total of 100 pounds in another two months. 

So many other people have lost weight as well. Kim Nelson lost 103 pounds in four months. She worked with Don Juravin for 31 days and dieted to the extreme in order to lose the weight. Kim wrote, “I could not have done it without his invention. Gastric Bypass Alternative-No Surgery is the strongest weight reduction tool in the world and I know that for it to work, I have to use it appropriately and work hard to achieve my goal.” 

Debbie Walsh Reid lost 104 pounds in 4 months. Losing weight for her was a great success. 

You can’t be guilty of running a scam if people are actually living better and reaching their goals. Do you think Don Juravin’s weight loss product is a scam?

Is Don Juravin Capable Of Helping People Lose Weight?


The Gastric Bypass Alternative is an invention created by Don Juravin meant to help people lose weight. 

While many people might have questions about whether or not the system works, the results speak for themselves. Thousands of people have lost hundreds of pounds of weight and successfully kept the weight off. 

The American Heart Association says that obesity is a disease that strains your heart, raises blood pressure, cholesterol, and increases the chance of type two diabetes. Weight loss helps cure these problems. Don Juravin has helped many people to lose these problems. 

Britney Treyvelan wrote that she lost 60 pounds in three months. That’s 20 pounds a month. By using the Gastric Bypass Alternative, Britney was able to bring her weight down significantly. With the help of the program, she plans to lose even more weight. She said, “I am going for more. I want more.” 

But this is not the only person that Juravin has helped. There have been many more who have lost significant amounts of weight. Cami Dayle Hill lost 62 pounds in less than three months as well. Hill wrote, “Woo hoo!” on Mr. Juravin’s Facebook page, the number one weight loss group in the world. 

Losing weight helps people’s mood improve. Mental health and depression are linked with obesity and unhealthy habits. While medicine and psychology are important, a clean mind in a healthy body offers some slight benefit as well. 

Susan Endicott learned this while she lost weight with the Gastric Bypass Alternative. She wrote, “I have ALWAYS had a  really big butt! It is so nice feeling and looking more ‘normal.’” Endicott lost 50 pounds in three months. She lost 8 inches off her waist size and went down 8 jean sizes. In addition, she went from a size 24 to a 16. 

Every ten pounds you lose means that you can go down one full clothing size. Being able to fit in your clothes is such a good feeling in and of itself. It is worth every part of the process. 

Shawn Nichols lost 62 pounds in less than three months. He was able to buy a new pair of pants after the weight came off. He was happy to lose all that weight and buy new clothes. 

Don Juravin’s Gastric Bypass Alternative is a significantly better option than the Gastric Bypass surgery. The bypass surgery offers a chance of death within the first thirty days after the surgery. Some of the nastier side effects of the surgery include infection, “dumping syndrome,” the inability to eat certain foods, acid reflux, malnutrition, and hernias. 

Don Juravin Is Not A Doctor. But Is He A Weight Loss Expert?


There are many inventors in history who have added to the list of reliable medical materials. Doctors and scientists have created innumerable inventions to better the world. 

But not all of these inventions were made by doctors or scientists. Some of the most important inventions were made by people who didn’t have medical degrees, or any college degrees at all. 

The BandAid was created by a factory worker who worked at Johnson and Johnson. 

Earle Dickson was a cotton buyer who made a small adhesive bandage for his wife in 1920. Because of his invention, Dickson was made vice president of the company. Everyone uses bandaids. They are a household item and a household name. 

Mir Imran is an Indian medical inventor who created a catheter for the treatment of arrhythmias. He is not a physician either. This has not stopped his massive contribution to the medical world. His catheter is used by cardiac physicians. 

He also created an aspirator system meant for catheter based interventions. Another one of his inventions was a pill that allowed certain medications to be taken orally that previously were not available in pill form. The pill allows the bloodstream to absorb the medication immediately. 

Another person without a medical degree who invented a system of treatment was Vivien Thomas, a laboratory supervisor who didn’t go to college at all. He created a procedure that was supposed to treat a type of heart disease found in infants in the 1940s. 

Don Juravin is another inventor that made a medical treatment without a medical degree. He created the Gastric Bypass Alternative that was meant to help people avoid invasive surgery in order to lose weight. 

The gastric bypass surgery offered more risks to people than doctors were willing to say. According to one study, one out of fifty were at risk for dying within thirty days after the operation. The Gastric Bypass Alternative offers patients the opportunity to lose weight without risking their lives in a surgery. 

Critics may say that Don Juravin is not a doctor and is not qualified to come up with a system to help people lose weight. But if they use that standard to dismiss his invention, then other important inventions will also be dismissed. 

Why stop at the Gastric Bypass Alternative? Why not throw out the bandaids, the pills, and the system meant to cure a heart disease? Why not let people die until doctors come up with different solutions for the problem. 

How Much Can Someone Lose On Don Juravin’s Gastric Bypass Alternative?


Scientists and researchers say that it is incredibly difficult to shed many pounds in a short amount of time. But by using the Gastric Bypass Alternative, people who have suffered from obesity have successfully lost weight in a matter of weeks.

Don Juravin, a man who simply wants to help people lose weight and feel healthy again, created the Gastric Bypass Alternative as a way for people to avoid the invasive Gastric Bypass surgery. Juravin created this product 12 years ago and it has been working wonders on those who use it ever since. 

Michelle Robinson wrote that in 2 months and 10 days, she lost 50 pounds. She went down 8 clothing sizes in a matter of weeks. “Need I say more about how happy I am with GBA?” she wrote. 

People’s lives change for the better when they lose the weight that they need to. It’s like turning over a new leaf. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air. Your mood improves exponentially. 

Your health changes too. Your body becomes able to function more appropriately and efficiently. 

But that’s not the only thing that changes. People who lose weight get treated better at their workplace. A study in Health Economics showed that people who lost weight gained more respect from their bosses and their coworkers. According to an Oxford study, losing weight also slightly raises your chances of getting a raise at work. This may be because your employer sees that you care about improvement, that you can deliver results, or that you aren’t a health risk for the company. 

Sometimes your seasonal allergies lighten up as well with a little weight loss. Less weight means your respiratory system does not have to work as hard, so asthma is not as much of a problem as it used to be. 

Your brain function improves as well. When you eat, the blood rushes to your stomach to help your digestive system process food. When you aren’t eating as much, there can be more blood flow to the brain, helping to stimulate your cognitive powers. This may also help you do better at work. 

Losing weight also lowers your risk of cancer significantly. 

So by helping people lose weight, Don Juravin is really trying to save lives. There is no better solution to improve lives than through losing weight.

Is Don Juravin a Scammer or Does He Save Lives?


Don Karl Juravin is the inventor of the Gastric Bypass Alternative (GPA). This alternative was meant to help people lose weight without invasive surgery. 

 Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. 70 million adults in the U.S. are obese. The gastric bypass surgery is dangerous. The risk of dying during the first 30 days after the surgery is one in 50

Gastric Bypass Alternative saves people from having to undergo this dangerous surgery. Through dietary supplements and fasting, patients lose the weight almost as if they had the surgery, but their risks of death are none. 

The invention was made 12 years ago, after Don Juravin undertook extensive research to see what would work best for people. After he launched the product, it was extremely successful. Thousands of people lost all the weight they needed to shed in order to be healthy and happy again. 

The facts don’t lie. Tim Spooner wrote in 2017 that he had lost 94 pounds in four months using the Gastric Bypass Alternative. According to Spooner, Juravin himself pushed him to lose the weight before Christmas. “I had accepted his challenge and I hate to lose,” he said. 

Spooner’s life is so much better now that he has lost all that weight. “ I had type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol and after losing weight I am now off both those medications,” he said. “I no longer snore and scare my wife when it sounds like I have stopped breathing in my sleep. I have all the usual aches and pains that go along with being 57 years old, but I feel like a whole new person.”

The product is not free because Don Juravin understands how people value products. Losing weight is a difficult process. If people have to save and spend money on their weight loss regimen, they are more likely to stick to it. 

The purpose of the regimen is to lose weight. It is not to taste good things or relax or be lazy. Don Juravin coaches people throughout the process. His process is not a democratic one by any stretch of the imagination. 

Juravin promises, “If I could electric shock each one of you every time you overeat or even think of junk food, I WOULD. I treat every one of you like I treat a family member I love.” 

In the Facebook group, Juravin makes sure that every member gets helped. No self-pitying posts are allowed. Posts that call for attention in a self-pitying manner are deleted. 

Don Juravin leads his group like he led the military. Foolishness is discouraged. 

But the results are staggering. People lose the weight and keep it off. Harvard Health writes that it is very difficult not only to lose the weight needed, but also to keep it off. Juravin has helped people achieve the impossible by doing both.