Is Don Juravin a hero?


Don Juravin is a mentor, guide, coach, counselor, an entrepreneur and a recognized activist“, shares an article written by Melanie Davis, probably one more of Don Juravin’s fans. The article continues: “He believes for what is right and that people need to know the truth. His activism reached many people by helping them to make the right decisions.
Part of his activism, is shown through his detailed researches about societal issues, life and family, economics and politics, while the other part, is shown by his devotion to the truth and his dedication to fight for the truth, for what is right.
He shared his bad experience living in the luxury community of Bella Collina in Florida, even though, he and his family were harassed, intimidated, threatened and stalked.
His will to fight for the homeowners and expose the truth, is something that needs to be congratulated and at least supported. He is fighting fearlessly against the owner, Dwight Schar, his vast legal team and his henchmen.

Dwight Schar is a billionaire that is being known for owning several companies, among which, NVR Inc. with its subsidiaries: Ryan Homes, Heartland Homes and NV Homes, he is an ex-partner of Dan Snyder and also was minority owner of the NFL team, Washington Redskins Dwight Schar is owner of the luxury community of Bella Collina Florida, which he bought it in 2012 for just $10 million.

Don Juravin is an entrepreneur and activist, but before all, he is a normal, family person fighting a billionaire that has a vast legal team and power. It is like the battle of David and Goliath. What a real hero does, is he stands up, and no matter what, fights for what is right.
Dwight Schar is pouring millions into a legal battle with Don Juravin, only to stop him from sharing the truth.

Don Juravin and his family moved to Bella Collina in late December of 2015, after the sales agents told Juravin that the reputable billionaire had a leadership role in the community in central Florida. He and his wife, Anna, trusted the prestigious name of Dwight Schar and hoped the neighborhood would be a safe home for their three daughters. At the time, Mr. Juravin was a successful entrepreneur. He had spent years of helping to make thousands of lives better, saving them from surgery. He was known for “Don Juravin saved my life”.

Bella Collina is a luxury community located at Lake County, Central Florida. A gated luxury community with its own golf course, a club, a Spa center and a land for 900 homes. With that being advertised, buying a house in Bella Collina looked so eye-catching. But after experiencing nine months at Bella Collina, Mr. Juravin had enough of the broken promises.

Bella Collina looked trashy with trash bins on the streets 5-6 days a week and Bella Collina didn’t feel luxury, as it was advertised. It seemed that most people in the neighborhood or what of few lived there also left their trash in Bella Collina, to be picked up.
After nine months of dealing with the restrictive policies set by the HOA, Mr. Juravin posted a review on Google calling Bella Collina and its owner, Dwight Schar, for the problem with the trash. Before that, he had spoken to the property manager several times about seeing if the county could add Bella Collina to its trash pickups, but with no luck.
After that review was posted, everything went downhill from there. The staff sent letters through Bella Collina’s extensive legal team, funded by Dwight Schar’s billions, threatening to sue Mr. Juravin unless he took down his bad review.

Don Juravin is protecting the homeowners in Bella Collina Florida
Don Juravin is protecting the homeowners in Bella Collina Florida

Soon after, the Juravins have reported multiple incidents happening on their property, in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina. Their cars have been viciously keyed. Their backyard furniture has been broken. Their pool lines have been cut. Strange cars have driven by slowly and stared at their three daughters playing in the yard. They have been contacted repeatedly by random unlisted numbers, often who mock Mr. Juravin’s accent or call him names. Randall Greene, Dwight Schar’s henchman, has driven by the house and yelled anti-Semitic slurs at Don Juravin, by Juravin’s testimony.
The family was banned from the community’s country club and labeled as “dangerous.” Despite the ban, the Juravins were still forced to pay for these amenities, at the rate of $5,000 a year. The daughters’ school held a graduation party at Dwight Schar’s Club, where the daughters were not allowed to attend. 

When the Juravins went on vacation, they had to alert the community’s security that they would be gone for two weeks. After they left, the Bella Collina staff called the county sheriff’s animal control department and reported that the Juravins’ two cats were being abused. Dwight Schar’s employee, Mr. Greene, sent Mr. Juravin another text message, this time saying, “Sheriff’s office animal control unit should have been in touch with you as they were called on my instructions. Please do try to enjoy your vacation.” The Juravins were able to clear this up, and the county police department noted that the two cats were in good health and were well cared for. But the Bella Collina staff, authorized by Dwight Schar, viciously tried to take the family members away.

Similarly, Juravin’s oldest daughter felt threatened by the harassment the family received and left to go back to Israel. Because of Dwight Schar’s tacit approval of the situation, the Juravin family was broken up.

The actions of Bella Collina made the Juravins feel unsafe. Even though they worked hard to create a stable environment for their children, their efforts were undone. Don Juravin invented a regimen that saved thousands from the terrible gastric bypass surgery. People already recognized him as a hero!

Ever since they moved in Bella Collina, the Juravins were living in constant fear. The family has been a target of bullying, harassment and intimidation. The children were even afraid to get out of the house.

The family didn’t want to believe it at first, but it seemed that the owner, Dwight Schar was aware of the whole situation. The Juravins bought their house in Bella Collina, because they believed they will live in a community, owned by a reputable owner. The family felt that there is no chance of the management to take things on their own, if their actions are not approved by someone. What kind of reputation will Dwight Schar leave for his son Spencer Schar to inherit?

Anna Juravin, Don Juravin’s wife, even founded a non-profit organization meant to help those who feel Dwight Schar’s poor management has victimized them. 
The constant intimidation and harassment continued, leaving no space for communication and settling things down. It seemed like the management didn’t want to set peace and agree to change the community’s living conditions and its bad relationship with the homeowners.

Soon after, Anna wrote a letter to the owner, Dwight Schar, asking him to stop the harassment against her family in Bella Collina Florida, but Mr. Schar ignored it. They suspected that Dwight Schar is aware of the whole situation and doesn’t want to take any action.

Bella Collina has 70 homeowners. That is only about %6-%7 occupancy. The community has been around for 19 years and it offers a golf course, a club and a spa center. So why offering such a luxury is not popular at all? Why do investors avoid the community of Bella Collina Florida?
Perhaps the answer lies in the hundreds of lawsuits inflicted on homeowners by the POA.
Over 500 lawsuits have been filed involving Bella Collina. The lawsuits against the staff have accusations ranging from harassment to racketeering to fraud. 
Using Dwight Schar’s massive attorney army, the staff at Bella Collina have fired back with a few lawsuits of their own. They have targeted and abused homeowners, charging with property violations even before notifying the homeowners of lawsuits.

HOAs and POAs are notorious in the news for being unfair and for scheming to sue homeowners. Don Juravin has battled with this particular POA for more than six years. The difference between Bella Collina’s POA and any normal neighborhood is that Bella Collina is in fact, a ghost town.
The POA has many slots for homeowner representation. However, in a neighborhood that has 900 lots but only 70 homeowners, the property managers are the ones that control everything. Therefore, when Don Juravin penned his one negative review of Bella Collina, revenge was swift and sudden. 
He was sued several times. The Bella Collina staff was so eager to harass Mr. Juravin and his family that they sued him before even notifying him that he had supposedly violated the POA terms. They banned him and his children from using the property club. 
Six years later, they refuse to leave him and his family alone. 

Don Juravin wants everyone to know the truth, of what is really going on in Bella Collina Florida. He fearlessly shared his bad experience, even though he didn’t know that the community’s management will be after him and his family, it turned out that they don’t approve critics at all. In this case, the critics were only to improve the life of the homeowners.
His family are victims of constant intimidation and harassment only because they want to fix the community problems. The Juravins want to make Bella Collina a beautiful place for living, they want to fix the problem with the trash on the streets and the poor maintained community. They want to make the community a better place for living and hopefully help to attract new homeowners. Being under constant oppression, because they are sharing the truth, the Juravins doesn’t seem to stop, until they get things right.”

Other families have complained of similar harassment. The Sutherins, a family that had lived for more than a decade in Bella Collina, had to have their children leave the neighborhood to get picked up by the bus. The children had to walk across a major interstate highway to get to school.
Like the other families, the Sutherins’ transponders were deactivated by Randall Greene. This action meant that the Sutherins had to seek entry via the guard gate.

Every time they came and left, the security guards told the Sutherins that they had to follow them and report their location to Mr. Greene.
After two years, the Sutherins moved out of the community. However, they still kept their Bella Collina property, leasing it to another family instead. By moving out, the Sutherins thought they were escaping the harassment from the staff at the gated community and placing their family in a safer situation.
However, like a scene out of a nightmare, Greene sent a text to Kathryn Sutherin in the mail, along with an embossed mug: “Once again you give yourself too much credit in assuming I am obsessed with you people. You don’t pay your bills to anyone, including several lawyers I know. We sent you a mug just to let you know that we have not forgotten that you still owe us money, and we know where to send a copy of the judgment when we get it. You are the child blowing your horn, and so is your husband w[ith] the chopper buzzing houses in BC. Next time I get an N [sic] number when comes out here [sic], my lawyer will file another complaint …I don’t like white trash.”

Don Juravin is a hero!
Don Juravin is a hero!

Don Juravin is a hero! Fighting for what he believes is right, endangered the lives of his family and his well-being, and endangered his business and the future of his children. Don Juravin is fighting against Dwight Schar, his legal team and the Bella Collina staff. He is risking the future of his family and like a real superhero, Don is standing up to every challenge that the staff of Bella Collina sets him up. Don is fighting alone, but he fights for all of the homeowners. He fights for the well-being of everyone and believes that they deserve a well-maintained community, where the voice of the homeowners will be heard and the management will work together with them, to create a better community, one in which everyone will be happy.
Don Juravin, a real hero! It really looks like, that not all heroes wear capes, some are normal people, but no matter what, they fight for what is right, not just for their family, but for everyone that felt mistreated, scammed or endangered.”

More and more people support and congratulate Don Juravin in his fight and mission to protect and inform the homeowners, his mentoring, activism and helping the people around the world.

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