‘Inspiring Your Spirit:’ People Praise Don Juravin As a Mentor


Any man who has a positive impact on so many people can be seen as a guide and a mentor. People around the world have all received excellent counsel and guidance from Don Juravin, the Israeli entrepreneur from Florida. 

“He has experience in touching and inspiring your spirit in a very accurate way,” said one reviewer on Facebook. He had found Don Juravin through his extensive social media following. According to his review, Don Juravin “analyzes the causes of issues and advises with his actionable steps.” This person was deeply impressed by Juravin’s advice because he “really commends him for his work.” 

Another student of Don Juravin related, “Don Juravin is by far the most dedicated, genuine, and talented guy I have met.” They continued, saying that he “makes you feel so comfortable, never judged, and offers guidance to finding real peace in your life. Seeing Don truly changed my life for the best, and every day I use the guidance he has gifted me with.” 

Don Juravin tries to help people fix their marriage, find their purpose in life, and meet their God. He believes that established religions exploit people’s need for a loving God, and therefore humans believe their God is not approachable. This leads to dark depression and more evil in the world. Juravin tries to teach people to look at God as a loving Father, not a slave master. 

One reviewer wrote, “I was happy for the guidelines I got from Don Karl Juravin. He provided a solution quickly.” One of the more important parts of Juravin’s life work includes his extensive scientific researches, that help people to access life-saving information immediately. Readers of these researches testified, “I feel well informed every time I read his posts. He has great sites that people should know about.”

Some of Juravin’s studies have even gone so far as to point out what people should be paying attention to in their religions and in their social structure. In one piece, Juravin discovered that Islam is not evil, but rather the people who misuse and abuse the religion are causing problems. 

Don Juravin Uses Research To Fight the Evil of Ignorance


Some habits and truths are self-evident to everyone. Wash your hands, sleep every day, drink water. But not everything is so obvious. 

In the interest of helping people become educated, efficient, and happy, Don Juravin created researches in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Some of these studies teach people the importance of vaccinations, and what people can do to combat the misinformation that is spread by others. 

Juravin also created several studies to promote the rights of women. He believes that women are better than men, but because of this, women have to do more to teach men how to treat them. Juravin firmly believes that countries need more women to lead them in government. 

Juravin’s other studies show that even though people believe that the United States is number one when it comes to progress, it actually is not. Much more progress needs to be made when it comes to teenage pregnancies, which show a lack of education in schools. The spike in the deaths from addictive drugs shows that the country needs to focus on solving the opioid crises in a different manner. 

Some of the information can be used by people who are traveling, or determining the best places to live.  His studies show the safest countries to drive, and the places where one is less likely to get robbed, and the safest place to live without air pollution

Many have agreed that Juravin’s researches have improved their lives. “As a mentor, Don was truly amazing. I felt such a strong connection to him, and he always showed great care for me,” wrote Lablu Akhon in a review. 

‘I Love How Don Juravin Thinks!’ Say His Followers

Mentor, Protecting Homeowners

Goodness and wisdom are like dominos. One person who acts on them can affect so many others around him. 

Don Juravin, the Israeli entrepreneur and inventor of the Gastric Bypass Alternative, has worked his entire life to help people.  He tries to think outside the box in order to help people change their own lives for the better. Don Juravin stands alone and fights the scams that face homeowners and average, everyday people. His followers say, “I love how Don Juravin thinks! His approach is client-centered strategic action. He focuses in solving current problems, changing unhelpful thinking, behaviors, and improving the overall health of everyone.”

Don Juravin relies on God for the inspiration to help people. Through prayer and talking to God, he finds the best way to guide people on their way to achieving their goals, whether that be weight loss, saving their marriage, finding a mate, having a family, finding work, or getting out of poverty. Don Juravin knows that people have it within themselves to find their motivation and their dreams, they just need the right push. They need to know exactly what they want. 

Don Juravin also helps consumers protect themselves against scams and frauds through his online reviews. The uneducated consumer opens himself up to the risk of losing everything from just one scam. Homeowners find themselves investing in bad property or making bad decisions, falling in the hands of unscrupulous business people who will take their money and give them nothing in return. 

Don Juravin has more than two million followers on Facebook who trust and value his opinion and his judgment. They rely on his reviews, his research, and his words of wisdom to help them improve their lives. 

Don Juravin Teaches the Importance of Humor in Marriage

Funny or Funny-Looking?, Mentor

Don Juravin, the Israeli entrepreneur known for helping people, has some words of wisdom for those in relationships.

A sense of humor is key. 

According to Don Juravin, women want men to have a sense of humor. Men’s ability to laugh or make jokes shows that they are willing to think outside of the box. This means that they will have the intelligence to provide for a family and handle difficult situations. But it also means that the genes of the children will be improved by the father’s inherited intelligence. 

Don Juravin believes that teasing and laughter are some of the best components of a marriage. Experts agree with Juravin: positive humor helps to build some of the most important milestones in a relationship before marriage. Scientific studies have found that humor is more important for the satisfaction of the wives, rather than the husbands. 

In addition, according to Juravin, relationships are prone to misunderstandings. A sense of humor helps to turn these misunderstandings into funny memories. The ability to think outside of the box also allows people to solve problems that may seem unsolvable. Juravin himself said: “You can be happy on your own but not completely happy. When you find your soul mate, your song becomes complete. Yet, don’t wait for the love to find you. You start singing (being happy) and you will find love.”

How Don Juravin Relies on GOD to Invent Ways to Help People


How does one person come up with so many ways to help people? For Don Juravin, being an entrepreneur is a passion that is inspired by God. 

The inventor of the Gastric Bypass Alternative system and the pre-marriage challenge did not simply come up with these ideas by himself. He spent time in silence listening to what God wanted him to do. Don Juravin was born in Jerusalem, near the origin place of Jesus, Moses, and Mohammad. He has been speaking and understanding the Lord’s words in ancient Hebrew, a gift that not many possess. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative was created as a way to help people who struggle with obesity but fear surgery that will be invasive and expose them to more problems. The gastric bypass surgery itself can cause many health problems with those who receive it. In addition, many who undergo the operation end up gaining the weight back. 

Obesity is a deadly disease. 2.8 million people die every year because they are obese in the United States. A third of Americans are overweight, while 35 percent qualify as obese

One study from 2013 found that 20 percent of women die from obesity. In addition, the Body Mass Index that doctors and scientists have used is incorrect. It does not take into account the muscle, height, gender, or ethnicity of each person. 

Don Juravin Praying