Staci Heck


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results.

When was the last time you lost a significant amount of weight? Has it been a while? 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative is a program meant to help people lose that pesky weight that simply won’t come off. Sometimes you just need an extra push to get the weight off, so you can start over again and start living a healthy lifestyle. Just ask Staci Heck.

Staci lost 26 pounds in a month when she used the Gastric Bypass Alternative. She was an active part of the weight loss Facebook group. She wrote that she gained weight when she was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease. “Since then my weight has kept going up and up!” she said. 

Staci also blamed her weight gain on her “terrible eating habits.” She was determined to lose the weight “so that I can have better mobility and not be in constant pain.” 

She wrote on the group’s wall that she had lost five pounds during one day alone. She started the program thinking that she would only lose half a pound a day. Staci wrote, “I know individual results will vary, but I also realize you need this feedback in order to know how the members who struggle with metabolism issues do with it!” 

Investigative research revealed that Staci was a real person, from her very active Facebook page to the constant updates she posted on her own wall. 

Don Juravin’s Gastric Bypass Alternative program was created twelve years ago to help people shed the pounds they needed to lose in order to be healthier and to have better quality of life. People who are overweight experience much pain and pressure on their joints. It becomes difficult to cope with certain diseases when your body is overtaxed with weight. 

Doctors may push for gastric bypass surgery, but this surgery can come with complications that may make your situation worse. 

Losing weight also dramatically improves your mental health and helps your body cope with pain better. 

Andrea Neace


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results.

Don Juravin’s invention, the Gastric Bypass Alternative, was meant to help people change their lives and their attitudes. But more than that, he creates groups and strategies to help people start the process. Usually, people lurk on the Facebook group he’s created for a short amount of time before deciding that they are interested. 

Andrea Neace was one of these people. She made the decision to start the program and successfully shed 22 pounds after the first month. 

She began by introducing herself to the group. She lived in South Carolina. Andrea was about to turn 26 and decided that “enough is enough.” She admitted that the reason why she was overweight was because she “overeats.” 

Andrea confessed, “ I eat much bigger portions than I should and sometimes eat when I’m bored.” She wanted to lose weight to help her sleep better and to help her future. She was concerned about what eating so much could do to her body. 

After a month of this, she lost 22 pounds. Three months later, she posted that she lost 34 inches around her waist. Andrea posted, “After we compared them to our starting weight and measurements we have BOTH lost the exact same thing. 34 inches total body for both of us.” She posted that she and her sister were both looking forward to losing more weight on the program. 

Andrea is not a fake account. She has a long established history of posting, with different pictures and posts made recently. She was also very active in the group. 

Don Juravin knows that helping people lose weight lets them build the confidence they need to live their lives. Investing in a healthy future is almost as important as investing money in stocks or real estate. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative helps people to naturally lose weight without having to have invasive surgery that results in discomfort or even death. The gastric bypass surgery has been medically proven to be bad for people who are trying to lose weight. While doctors may consider it a miracle, the surgery does not guarantee that people will keep the weight off. In fact, those who have had the surgery regain the weight, typically. 

The Alternative is a natural supplement combined with a diet program, counseling, and encouragement to develop a healthier lifestyle. People are able to learn better habits to live a life with more quality and better choices. That is something that a surgery can never teach you.

Thom Scott


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative program has been changing lives and saving people from invasive surgery for twelve years. Thom Scott testified to the program’s effectiveness. 

He wrote on the Facebook group’s wall, “One month and down 30.2 lbs. Still have a LONG way to go to reach my healthy weight of 152. I know my persistence with the regimen and change of eating habits will get me there. Very glad to have found this product.” 

This is not Thom’s only interaction in this group. He has had an active Facebook page for quite a few years, with several updates. In addition, he joined the group in 2016. A simple search within the group revealed his conversations with other people. 

Don Juravin tagged Thom Scott in a Facebook post he created explaining what it means to be at a healthy goal. The post encouraged others to lose weight and start thinking about what being skinny could entail. 

Mr. Juravin wrote that people who lose enough weight to reach their goals are free to leave the group. They should dress up and enjoy their bodies, and start doing the things that they previously felt too fat to do. 

He reminded his followers that by losing weight, people get better jobs. People who lose weight immediately gain more respect at their existing jobs, while they also are more capable of going out and getting better jobs. Unfortunately, employers are more willing to take on employees that look healthier and fit than those that look like they will be sick most of the time.

People who lose weight also end up having better, stronger relationships. They are better able to work on their self-esteem. When you are better able to respect yourself, other people can respect you as well. It is easier to build up self confidence when you actually believe in yourself. 

Overall, Thom Scott actually lost weight. He is an active member of the group, and he is a real person. The Gastric Bypass Alternative helped him become healthier on his own, without the need for invasive surgery. 

Is the World’s Number One Weight Loss Expert A Fraud?


Don Juravin writes that he is the world’s number one weight loss expert. Is this true? Or are his detractors correct in saying that this isn’t a real title?

Don Juravin created a product called the Gastric Bypass Alternative twelve years ago. Since then, he has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds collectively. Even with an FTC judgment against the product, people came to him because the product worked. 

If the product was a scam, people wouldn’t lose weight. But even more than that, does the world’s number one weight loss expert exist? 

No one else but Don Juravin calls themselves the world’s number one weight loss expert. So there is no competition for the title. 

The world’s number one weight loss expert would help people lose weight by providing personal support. Don Juravin runs the world’s largest Facebook group for people that want to lose weight. The Gastric Bypass Alternative is not just a product or a pill that magically makes you lose weight. It’s a supplement that forces you to try to lose weight. You have to spend money to get the supplement, which makes you value it more. 

People join the group in order to lose weight so that they do not have to have the gastric bypass surgery. The surgery is invasive and hard to recover from. People develop infections from the surgery, or they gain all the weight back in a matter of months. 

Worse than that, the surgery offers a risk of death. One out of 50 die during the first thirty days after the surgery. Whoever offers the bypass surgery is not interested in helping their patients lose weight. 

People need to know the foods that they must avoid in order to lose weight. People need boot camp. They need to be reprogrammed. 

Don Juravin didn’t even accept money from people who wanted to lose weight while he was being sued by the FTC. Instead, he made those who wanted to do the program donate to their favorite charity instead. It was never about the money. It was about developing the right attitude. 

The FTC sued Mr. Juravin and his company for selling a product without providing a clinical to prove the use of their product. But the FTC misunderstood what was being marketed. The supplement was only a small part of the program. The program was to have people lose weight and be healthy.

Should People Listen To Don Juravin Reviews?


A review is meant to help people understand what is going on with the product at hand. People read reviews to let them know if something is real, or if it is a harmful scam. 

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Don Juravin reviews products, food, and real estate in order to better help consumers in their search for things to use and buy. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. Some of the foods that are marketed to people as healthy are actually bad for you. Sometimes, certain foods are made and marketed to people by companies that think you won’t look twice at the labels. 

That’s why Don Juravin works so hard to help people see beyond the shiny packaging. Bottled water from Whole Foods may seem organic and harmless, especially if you are trying to live a healthy life. But in actuality, these bottles contain harmful levels of arsenic. Arsenic is poison. 

Orange juice may seem healthy, and full of vitamins. But instead, sugar and fat can be found in the juice. An ounce of fat remains in the bottle of orange juice, and all the Vitamin C promised on the bottle vanishes. Instead of living on that fat free diet, you are actually pumping fat into your body. 

The FDA is not protecting the health of the consumer through its rules and regulations. In fact, there are more than 50 names for sugar that are allowed to be used on ingredient labels. 75 percent of all foods hide sugar within their ingredients. 

Ingredients get broken down into more words in order to hide the fact that they reside within a food. Without this information, it becomes harder to tell that a food item has added sugar in it, which is something those trying to live healthy are avoiding. 

All of these studies were produced by Don Juravin in his tireless attempts to review products and warn consumers about the scams and the dangers that lurk in certain products. 

Knowing what hides in food can also help people lose weight. As Don Juravin’s position as the world’s number one weight loss expert, he tries to help everyone live a healthier life. 

Don Juravin’s reviews do not come from a place of malice or lies. Rather, they stem from his desire to help people avoid bad things and scams.

Is Don Juravin’s Research Legitimate or Fake?


Don Juravin takes a great interest in educating the public. He wants people to start thinking and learning so that they can live better lives and know what to do in certain situations. He tries to warn people so that they do not get scammed. 

Juravin Research is an endeavor to inform the public and stir some sense of debate. It is important for Americans to know what is going on in their country and learn how it compares to other countries. The research is done well and relies on a variety of sources. 

People who think women should not be in government are very much behind the times. Juravin used the knowledge he had gained from years of living in Israel and Europe and compared it to the statistics in America. He discovered that America was not the number 1 country in the world when it came to progress. 

Americans shouldn’t be content to be where they are. They should be striving to do better. America can be the number 1 country in the world, with the best kind of equality. 

The same applies to Islam. Mr. Juravin sees the division and strife that happens around the world with Muslims and Christians and people of many other religions, and he simply wants them to exist in harmony with each other. Mr. Juravin means no insult to anybody.

Opinions are important. In the United States, people are free to express their opinions, and in fact, are encouraged to do so. Mr. Juravin wants to spark conversation. 

Juravin comparisons are meant to help people look at the facts about the world. They are not fake, because they use statistics from the World Health Organization. How can this information be fake, or lies, or meant to scam people? 

Like the Gastric Bypass Alternative, Juravin Research helps people learn in order to better their lives. He tries to offer a different perspective on all kinds of information. 

In addition, Juravin Research can even help people lose weight. Some of the pieces written are meant for people to consider about their health. Orange juice is actually full of sugar, which is bad for you and can make you fat. If you want to lose weight, don’t drink orange juice.

Don Juravin Helps People Lose Weight


The world’s number one weight loss expert has been accused by his critics of being a scam. However, results don’t lie. The only victims of any scam are treacherous fat cells which dissipate because of the Gastric Bypass Alternative.

The purpose of the Gastric Bypass Alternative is to help people lose weight in order to be healthy and avoid invasive surgery. If Don Juravin were a scam, no one would have lost any weight. However, many people lost weight. The purpose of the product was achieved. The Gastric Bypass Alternative is not a scam. 

Barbara Grimes lost 74 pounds in three months. How could the Gastric Bypass Alternative be fake if Grimes was able to lose 74 pounds? Thanks to the program, she was able to avoid the gastric bypass surgery. The surgery offers a risk of death during the first thirty days. These risks are higher than they should be. In addition, levels of discomfort also come with the operation. 

Candace Bonilla lost 70 pounds in less than four months. She wrote, “Super exciting stuff! It’s been  a lot of hard work but I know I am getting closer to my healthy weight every day!” Losing weight will make you feel better overall. Your back and joints are not working as hard when you lose significant weight. You have less of a chance of developing osteoarthritis in your old age as well. 

If you lose more weight, it becomes easier to exercise and move around. You’ll have more energy to exercise, which means that keeping the weight off will be easier. 

Weight loss also makes your life better overall. Diet and exercise help improve your mental function. It makes you happier, better able to focus, and easier to remember. 

Lisa Forster lost 80 pounds in two months. But she’s not finished! She wants to lose a total of 100 pounds in another two months. 

So many other people have lost weight as well. Kim Nelson lost 103 pounds in four months. She worked with Don Juravin for 31 days and dieted to the extreme in order to lose the weight. Kim wrote, “I could not have done it without his invention. Gastric Bypass Alternative-No Surgery is the strongest weight reduction tool in the world and I know that for it to work, I have to use it appropriately and work hard to achieve my goal.” 

Debbie Walsh Reid lost 104 pounds in 4 months. Losing weight for her was a great success. 

You can’t be guilty of running a scam if people are actually living better and reaching their goals. Do you think Don Juravin’s weight loss product is a scam?

Is Bella Collina A Ghost Town, Or Does Don Juravin Lie?


One of the many claims that Don Juravin, an inventor and researcher, has made about Bella Collina is that it is a “ghost town.” In fact, he has said this so much that Bella Collina’s corrupt staff has accused him of defaming the neighborhood with this term. 

However, is Bella Collina, a gated community in central Florida, a ghost town? According to Mr. Juravin, there are over 900 lots in Bella Collina. However, only 70 of those lots are filled. That’s less than 10 percent residency in a gated community noted for luxury and convenience. 

Could it be that Bella Collina is unable to attract potential customers because something is wrong? 

Mr. Juravin reviews, “Almost all week long you can see trash on Bella Collina’s streets. No one really cares here. It seems like the only thing Dwight Schar cares about is sales.” 

Dwight Schar is a billionaire, a former RNC chairman, a minority owner of the Redskins, and an owner of Bella Collina. One would think that a businessman with such a high reputation and very little drama surrounding his name would be able to provide a high quality, luxury community and stay true to the advertising. However, apparently, this is not the case. 

Bella Collina has 70 homeowners. That would not be terrible if the neighborhood was only beginning. But Bella Collina has been around for 17 years. The community was started in 2002. For a neighborhood that offers a golf course, a club, and such luxury, why isn’t it popular? How come Bella Collina cannot gain more than 10% capacity? 

Perhaps the hundreds of lawsuits inflicted on homeowners by the POA have something to do with it. Over 500 lawsuits have been filed involving Bella Collina. The lawsuits against the staff have accusations ranging from harassment to racketeering to fraud. 

Using Dwight Schar’s massive attorney army, the staff at Bella Collina have fired back with a few lawsuits of their own. They have targeted and abused homeowners, charging with property violations even before notifying the homeowners of lawsuits. They have endangered families and children with their desperate attempts at retaliation. 

HOAs and POAs are notorious in the news for being unfair and for scheming to sue homeowners. Don Juravin has battled with this particular POA for more than four years. The difference between Bella Collina’s POA and any normal neighborhood is that Bella Collina is in fact, a ghost town. 

The POA has many slots for homeowner representation. However, in a neighborhood that has 900 lots but only 70 homeowners, the property managers are kings. Therefore, when Don Juravin penned his one negative review of Bella Collina, revenge was swift and sudden. 

He was sued several times. The Bella Collina staff was so eager to harass Mr. Juravin and his family that they sued him before even notifying him that he had supposedly violated the POA terms. They banned him and his children from using the property club. 

Four years later, they refuse to leave him and his family alone. 

Would you move to Bella Collina if you knew this was what was happening?

Why Is An HOA Persecuting A Homeowner Who Tells the Truth?


Bella Collina is a neighborhood community in central Florida. It’s advertising promises a wonderful, bright, and secure neighborhood that is close to Orlando. But the ads won’t tell you that homeowners have been sued by the property owners’ association — more than 500 times. 

Bella Collina is much like other neighborhoods, except for one thing: it is a ghost town. Only a handful of people live in Bella Collina. Poor management of the property and vindictive staff members make it difficult to live a peaceful life in the neighborhood. 

Don Karl Juravin can testify to this firsthand. After penning an honest review of the treatment he received at Bella Collina, Mr. Juravin was handed four years worth of lawsuits. The staff targeted Mr. Juravin, his children, his wife, and his pets. 

Since the POA is allegedly owned by the homeowners, one would think the system would be fair. However, Bella Collina only has a handful of homeowners and many many open spots. These spots are taken by the managers of the Bella Collina staff, who are paid by billionaire Dwight Schar in his business, DCS Investments. 

The attacks against Don Juravin have been personal and targeted. Mr. Juravin is the son of a family that survived the Holocaust. He had to change his first name when he discovered that it meant something else in Germany. But Bella Collina is continually referring to it as an alias. In addition, Mr. Juravin has a strong accent, because he is an immigrant from Israel. But the staff at Bella Collina, under Mr. Schar’s guidance, mock Mr. Juravin’s English at every opportunity. This is racist behavior. 

It is also puzzling because Dwight Schar is a former chairman for the Republican National Committee. The RNC is proud of being very pro-Israel. Why is one of their own paying for and condoning anti-Semitic behavior?

The staff at Bella Collina, on the payroll of Dwight Schar, have also tried to take away  Don Juravin’s First Amendment rights to free speech as well as his right to assemble. With temporary injunctions handed by the courts, the large army of attorneys who work for Mr. Schar tried to threaten WordPress and shut down Mr. Juravin’s sites. They were unsuccessful, because of the pathetic nature of the threat. 

Bella Collina has also employed an army of trolls to write pathetic, spam reviews on all of Don Juravin’s sites. These sites are plagued with false, poorly written reviews that drag his reputation down unjustly. 

Is Don Juravin Capable Of Helping People Lose Weight?


The Gastric Bypass Alternative is an invention created by Don Juravin meant to help people lose weight. 

While many people might have questions about whether or not the system works, the results speak for themselves. Thousands of people have lost hundreds of pounds of weight and successfully kept the weight off. 

The American Heart Association says that obesity is a disease that strains your heart, raises blood pressure, cholesterol, and increases the chance of type two diabetes. Weight loss helps cure these problems. Don Juravin has helped many people to lose these problems. 

Britney Treyvelan wrote that she lost 60 pounds in three months. That’s 20 pounds a month. By using the Gastric Bypass Alternative, Britney was able to bring her weight down significantly. With the help of the program, she plans to lose even more weight. She said, “I am going for more. I want more.” 

But this is not the only person that Juravin has helped. There have been many more who have lost significant amounts of weight. Cami Dayle Hill lost 62 pounds in less than three months as well. Hill wrote, “Woo hoo!” on Mr. Juravin’s Facebook page, the number one weight loss group in the world. 

Losing weight helps people’s mood improve. Mental health and depression are linked with obesity and unhealthy habits. While medicine and psychology are important, a clean mind in a healthy body offers some slight benefit as well. 

Susan Endicott learned this while she lost weight with the Gastric Bypass Alternative. She wrote, “I have ALWAYS had a  really big butt! It is so nice feeling and looking more ‘normal.’” Endicott lost 50 pounds in three months. She lost 8 inches off her waist size and went down 8 jean sizes. In addition, she went from a size 24 to a 16. 

Every ten pounds you lose means that you can go down one full clothing size. Being able to fit in your clothes is such a good feeling in and of itself. It is worth every part of the process. 

Shawn Nichols lost 62 pounds in less than three months. He was able to buy a new pair of pants after the weight came off. He was happy to lose all that weight and buy new clothes. 

Don Juravin’s Gastric Bypass Alternative is a significantly better option than the Gastric Bypass surgery. The bypass surgery offers a chance of death within the first thirty days after the surgery. Some of the nastier side effects of the surgery include infection, “dumping syndrome,” the inability to eat certain foods, acid reflux, malnutrition, and hernias.