Don Juravin Fights for Black Lives Matter and Exposes Racism

Legal Battles, Protecting Homeowners

Don Juravin is a strong proponent for Black Lives Matter who firmly believes in tearing down systemic racism at its roots. But the community in which he resides does not seem to agree with him. 

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Juravin placed a large sign out in front of his house that expressed support for the recent protests over police brutality, especially in regards to the death of George Floyd. But Dwight Schar and Randall Greene tried to get Juravin to take the sign down, using the court. They filed an injunction for the removal of the sign. 

Juravin fought back. And he won

Bella Collina withdrew its submission for a temporary injunction against the sign, following weeks of bad press received. Meanwhile, Dwight Schar, the minority owner of the NFL Redskins, looked like a racist for demanding that the sign be taken down. 

The community claimed that Don Juravin had not submitted a request to put up the sign. However, Juravin did indeed submit a request to post his Black Lives Matter sign. The community failed to approve it in an appropriate amount of time. 

The residents of Bella Collina live in fear of being sued by the community’s POA, led by Randall Greene. Over 500 lawsuits have been filed against homeowners by the staff, on Dwight Schar’s payroll. 

Some of the harassment received from the staff is anti-Semitic in nature, particularly that which is directed at Don Juravin, who is from a family that survived the Holocaust.

11 thoughts on “Don Juravin Fights for Black Lives Matter and Exposes Racism

  1. I can’t believe they acted like this…Is this a social responsible community with professionals working on it? I think they only just hide themselves behind the mask of the beauties. The fact is that really bad people work here… How could they oppose the sign? How could they tell someone what to do in their yards?


  2. The system of racism should end now. There Should be equality and justice in society. Your efforts in this cause are appreciable.


  3. Racism should be eliminated from society because racism destroys a society very badly. Equality and justice should prevail.


  4. There should be equality and justice. No one is superior to anyone. We all should take part in this cause to make this world a better and safer place to live.


  5. There should be an end to systematic racism. Everyone is equal and raising a voice for such a noble cause should be the priority of everyone who supports humanity.


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