Don Juravin Teaches the Importance of Humor in Marriage

Funny or Funny-Looking?, Mentor

Don Juravin, the Israeli entrepreneur known for helping people, has some words of wisdom for those in relationships.

A sense of humor is key. 

According to Don Juravin, women want men to have a sense of humor. Men’s ability to laugh or make jokes shows that they are willing to think outside of the box. This means that they will have the intelligence to provide for a family and handle difficult situations. But it also means that the genes of the children will be improved by the father’s inherited intelligence. 

Don Juravin believes that teasing and laughter are some of the best components of a marriage. Experts agree with Juravin: positive humor helps to build some of the most important milestones in a relationship before marriage. Scientific studies have found that humor is more important for the satisfaction of the wives, rather than the husbands. 

In addition, according to Juravin, relationships are prone to misunderstandings. A sense of humor helps to turn these misunderstandings into funny memories. The ability to think outside of the box also allows people to solve problems that may seem unsolvable. Juravin himself said: “You can be happy on your own but not completely happy. When you find your soul mate, your song becomes complete. Yet, don’t wait for the love to find you. You start singing (being happy) and you will find love.”

One thought on “Don Juravin Teaches the Importance of Humor in Marriage

  1. You don’t take yourselves too seriously, which is necessary for a good marriage. A sense of humor allows you to see things from a different viewpoint.


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