How Don Juravin Relies on GOD to Invent Ways to Help People


How does one person come up with so many ways to help people? For Don Juravin, being an entrepreneur is a passion that is inspired by God. 

The inventor of the Gastric Bypass Alternative system and the pre-marriage challenge did not simply come up with these ideas by himself. He spent time in silence listening to what God wanted him to do. Don Juravin was born in Jerusalem, near the origin place of Jesus, Moses, and Mohammad. He has been speaking and understanding the Lord’s words in ancient Hebrew, a gift that not many possess. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative was created as a way to help people who struggle with obesity but fear surgery that will be invasive and expose them to more problems. The gastric bypass surgery itself can cause many health problems with those who receive it. In addition, many who undergo the operation end up gaining the weight back. 

Obesity is a deadly disease. 2.8 million people die every year because they are obese in the United States. A third of Americans are overweight, while 35 percent qualify as obese

One study from 2013 found that 20 percent of women die from obesity. In addition, the Body Mass Index that doctors and scientists have used is incorrect. It does not take into account the muscle, height, gender, or ethnicity of each person. 

Don Juravin Praying

One thought on “How Don Juravin Relies on GOD to Invent Ways to Help People

  1. Because he is brilliant! Helping people in need and expecting nothing in return is his life motive! We really need more people like Don!


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