Tim Dropped 94 Pounds In Just 3 Months!


Losing weight is not an easy task. In fact, most people struggle to lose weight, much less within a year. But being overweight comes with its own costs and problems. Most people don’t want to be overweight. They’ll do anything to take the weight off.

But will that “anything” work? Not unless it’s tried and true. So when Tim Spooner had had enough of being overweight, he joined the Healthy Weight Bootcamp. 

“I am 57 years old and fat,” he wrote to the group on Facebook. “With the problems which come with age and the ones associated with being overweight, it has become very difficult to lose any weight.” Weight gain makes it difficult for people to move around, causing joint pain, heavy breathing, and stomach problems. 

“I finally reached the point where I got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,” Tim admitted. When he went to the Weight Loss Bootcamp page, he “saw real people making real changes in their lives.” Tim said: “I wanted that.” 

After two weeks, Tim was able to stop taking his diabetes medication. He was also able to put on pants without an elastic. Better still, he put his wedding ring back on, something he had not been able to do for years. “Like everyone else,” he wrote, “there are high and low times.”

Eventually, he lost 60 pounds in 60 days, cleanly and without breaking. “I would never have thought it was possible to lose weight this fast,” he wrote. “The lower my weight gets, the more difficult it is, getting to maintain this pace.” His doctor was “thrilled” to see that he had lost all that weight. 

After 16 weeks, Tim reached his goal of 94 pounds. “I can relax a little and enjoy the holiday, with maintaining my weight as the goal,” he said. Before he lost weight, he had type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Now that he had lost weight, he was off the medications needed and lost his snoring. Tim’s wife was very happy to see that he had stopped snoring at night. “I feel like a whole new person,” he wrote. “I recently carried a large bag of dog food, and couldn’t believe that I used to pack nearly double that weight when I was fat. My joints are so relieved, literally and figuratively.”

Tim regained some sense of confidence. “It feels great to go out in public and feel that everyone’s not looking at you,” he said.  Tim also enjoyed the different aspects of the day. “It’s so good to feel tired because I had an active day, versus feeling lethargic because of being so fat.” 

The pain in his joints vanished, which allowed him to create healthy exercise routines. “So I dusted off the treadmill in the basement and came up with a new exercise routine that is working for me. It feels so great to be able to move around and have loads of energy with no pain in my knees.”

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