Julie Stell Dropped 62 Pounds In Two Months!


Losing weight can help you save your own life. Obesity is an epidemic in the United States, but it’s one that comes with a fatal cost. People die from being overweight just like they die from the flu. 

Julie Stell understood the risks that came with being overweight, and wanted to leave them behind in the rear view mirror. After 15 years of trial and error, she knew it was time to try something radically different. 

“My weight has been up and down my whole life,” she said. “Mostly up.” She chose the Healthy Weight Bootcamp in order to avoid undergoing bariatric gastric bypass surgery. 

Her mother underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1985, but had to have it reversed in 1997. According to Julie, “the effects were slowly killing her.” 

Her sister had died because of her weight, at 600 pounds. When she died, she left behind a two year old son. Julie had two children and did not want to suffer the same fate. 

After two months, Julie lost 62 pounds in 61 days, along with 12 inches around her waist. 

“This is by far THE BEST weight loss regimen I have seen,” she wrote. “My first 40 pounds of weight loss was crazy. I weighed in every day the first few weeks. Sometimes I weighed multiple times a day because I didn’t believe the weight loss.”

When Julie started her weight loss program, she didn’t want to repeat the same patterns as before. “I have so much to live for,” she said. “I am not willing to lie down and let life take over. I will fight with everything I have.” 

Shape Magazine writes that 45 percent of those who start a diet abandon it after a few days, because they feel it is just too hard. Some of it was caused by lack of support. 

Being left to your own echo chamber in your head can be dangerous. But also, being left to people who are not very good at supporting your diet can also lead you to abandon the diet. Peer pressure is difficult to ward off, especially if you are on your own. 

The Healthy Weight Bootcamp offered emotional and mental support to Julie throughout her time losing weight.

2 thoughts on “Julie Stell Dropped 62 Pounds In Two Months!

  1. This is so real! There is no need to be worry about an operation. Don is doing a great job and his researches are ground breaking.


  2. I believe he is a life-saver, the researches he is carrying out are worthy of note. There could be alternative to things if we dare to find out. Now no need for obese to worry about surgery.


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