Elizabeth Lost 57 Pounds in 3 Months!


Do you want to drop all the extra weight from your body so you can look normal again? 

Elizabeth Pimental Pena was able to do just that with the Healthy Weight Bootcamp. Rather than stay sad and overweight, she was proactive and made a decision to change her life for the better! 

Through hard work, determination, and changing her diet, Elizabeth shed the weight and got her body back. In just three months, she went from 228 pounds to 171 pounds. She wrote, “I even changed from regular milk to almond milk.” 

After losing 57 pounds, Elizabeth never wanted to look to the past again. She said, “I am not going back. I like the new and forever me.” 

It is not good for your health to be overweight. According to ShareCare, being overweight increases your chances of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and even some forms of cancer! Suffering from obesity also means that your morale and attitude suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Most people who are overweight do not want to be overweight, but they lack the mental fortitude to lose the weight they need. 

The Center for Disease Control estimated that one third of the American population suffered from obesity. Combining exercise with a limited, healthy diet is a sure-fire way to lose weight. However, overeating is much like a drug addiction. People use food to make themselves feel better, as a coping mechanism. 

In order to lose weight effectively, people must retrain their minds and their bodies to learn healthier habits. They might need support groups, whether online or in real life, to help reinforce the positive thinking, and to hold themselves accountable to their new lifestyle. 

Elizabeth was a part of the Healthy Weight Bootcamp, which is the world’s largest online support group on Facebook. She found, like the rest of her group, that losing weight helps improve the pain in your elbows and knees. Joint pain often is a part of weight gain, and it turns into a vicious cycle. Because your joints hurt, you are less likely to move, and therefore won’t burn as many calories. However, if you can flip the cycle, then it works in your favor. After you lose weight, your joints don’t hurt anymore. It becomes easier to move around and therefore, you burn more calories and stay fit.

It is possible to lose weight, just like Elizabeth did. With hard work and determination, one can reap all the benefits of living a healthy, natural lifestyle. 

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