Drea Saavedra


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results.

Gastric bypass surgery is meant to help people lose weight quickly. The problem with this process is that people who get the surgery end up gaining all the weight they are supposed to lose back. 

Drea Gabaldon Saavedra had heard from people who had the gastric bypass surgery that the procedure didn’t work. She wrote, “5 out of the 7 people I know who had surgery are back up to their ugly weight within 2 years!” 

So Drea chose to find a different way to lose the weight that she needed to shed.  By using the Gastric Bypass Alternative method, she was able to avoid the surgery and re-learned healthy eating habits. After just two months, Drea wrote that she had lost 34 pounds. “I feel amazing,” she said. “I love people telling me I’m melting away!” 

She lost weight around her face and was astounded The program was so effective that after a week, Drea had lost 11 pounds and 4 inches. “I can’t believe it!” she said. 

After a month of hard work, Drea lost 25 pounds and over 15 inches. She was forced to get a new scale! The uphill battle was made even more difficult by Drea’s diverticulitis, but she was able to keep going. She really just wanted to see the weight gone. 

Drea made an exercise goal for herself around Christmas: 6 days a week of walking 10,000 steps. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative allows people to drop pounds off their bodies without having to get surgery. Invasive surgery that requires a doctor to cut someone’s stomach open is never the best option. If you can lose weight all on your own, all you need is the proper motivation to do it. You do not need to deal with the terrible side effects of a long and complicated surgery.

2 thoughts on “Drea Saavedra

  1. Without any doubt, Mr. Don is the number one weight loss expert in USA. No matter what his critics say, I stand with him anytime and any day. Thanks for giving hope to the hopeless.


  2. The fear of seeing the people who went through surgery for weight loss is scary. I was so excited when I came across Mr. Don. It was a great relief knowing I can loss weight without going through a surgery.


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