Esther Camacho


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results.

There is nothing quite so exciting and exhilarating as losing weight and starting your life over again. It’s like becoming a different person and finding a better life to live. It’s almost as good as finding a good therapist, and twice as good as plastic surgery. 

Esther Camacho was so happy to lose 77 pounds on the Gastric Bypass Alternative program. She went from feeling overweight and sluggish to walking two hours a day and eating nothing but protein and vegetables. She went down two clothing sizes, from an XXL to an L. In just two months, she lost 40 pounds. 

In the beginning, it took a long time for Esther to lose weight. “I know that I am losing weight very slowly,” she wrote on the Facebook page, “But I have a slow metabolism. I am working very hard to get to my healthy weight.” 

But it was all worth it in the end for Esther. She wrote, “I can’t believe I was fat for more than 13 years and now I am getting closer to my healthy weight. Thank you to GBA and thanks to Don Karl Juravin for this wonderful product I was at 235 pounds 4 months ago and now look at me 164 pounds. This is awesome.” 

Esther found that she could do so much more with her new body than before. “I can cross my legs sitting on the Rock,” she said. She had spent more than an hour hiking and she still had enough energy to keep going. 

Esther’s doctor told her it was better for her knees to weigh less. After five months, she got to her healthy weight. Her back also felt so much better. With less weight, there was less stress and pressure on her joints. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative helped people who had slow metabolisms. It offers a strategy to help your body shed the pounds when the supplement and diet are paired with exercise. By relearning better habits, you will be able to keep the weight off. 

Once the weight is gone, it is easier to start exercising regularly and find the things that you love to do in an active lifestyle. 

2 thoughts on “Esther Camacho

  1. The evidence about the effectiveness of this cannot be disputed. All his critics are all liars and are seeking a way to pull him down. I stand with him anytime, I have seen many people being free to live happily.


  2. Mr Don is doing a great job and making people healthier. I think his contribution is worthy is worthy of note and highly commendable.


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