Julie Finlay Valenzuela


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results.

Losing weight is a process that takes time, dedication, and effort. You can’t just wish all your weight away. You must build habits that allow you to live healthier and do better. However, some people struggle with this.

People that struggle to lose weight and don’t want to will eventually be told that they must lose weight or suffer the fatal consequences. Some of the options available include invasive gastric bypass surgery, which offers a host of side effects and terrible results. 

For Julie Finlay Valenzuela, this was not an option. She had to lose weight in order to free herself from the health problems she suffered from. On the Facebook group, Julie wrote that she lost 26 pounds in one month. She said, “I’m feeling lighter ‘n’ full of energy.” She didn’t have to take her high blood pressure medication or her heartburn medication. Her doctors were “so impressed” with her abilities to exercise more without feeling exhausted. 

Later in her weight loss journey, Julie wrote that she “couldn’t believe how much my face has changed.” She was thrilled at how much her body had changed with her new diet program. 

Months later, Julie revealed that she had lost 64 pounds. “And I’m feeling better than I ever have,” she wrote. 

She even defended the Healthy Weight Bootcamp, saying “This is a bootcamp, not a romper room. We are all here because we are sick of being fat. And Don, well, he has given us the tool to achieve it but he has no time to baby.” 

Julie is so happy that she has lost weight. Her knees no longer hurt! She wrote, “My knees are my worst enemy but now they’re feeling solid. I am working up a sweat at Sky Zone with my kids. I decided, why sit on the bench when I could be on the trampoline.” 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative is a way for obese people to lose weight without having to resort to the gastric bypass surgery. The surgery, while touted by doctors as a life saver, leads to unfortunate results: whether that is infection, or more weight, or nausea and discomfort. 

The program helps people lose weight and feel better naturally. Through natural supplements, will power, and emotional support, you start to develop the habits you need in order to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.  Just like Julie, you will discover that your reasons to be happy increase as your weight decreases. 

4 thoughts on “Julie Finlay Valenzuela

  1. Habits are the real answer to anything worth having in this life. Someone can be used to wasting the time with TV shows and on the other hand we see people that invest their valuable time in their own body, mind and life.


  2. Our bodies should be revered for all the productivity he have even after the way we treat them. I think that Julie now will take a lot more care after she sees that the body responds with so much relief after it receives the care it needs.


  3. Thanks so much I met Don, my whole mindset about him and the alternative he invented changed when I discovered that all the critics said were all lies. Thanks for your immense contribution.


  4. How much has been contributed by Don is remarkable. The physical way of bringing rehabilitation to the human body is commendable. Thanks so much for your deep study, you have made the world a better place.


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