Candy Mendoza


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results.

Losing weight is a challenging process for many people. Some people start out strong, but never reach their goal because they give up halfway through. Some people cheat and then feel bad about cheating, so they never go back to their diets. 

But that didn’t happen for Candy Mendoza, who used the Gastric Bypass Alternative to accelerate the process. She admitted herself that she fell behind a couple of times, but Candy didn’t let that stop her. She picked herself up and kept going. 

In just one month, Candy lost 34 pounds. She wrote on the Facebook page, “I feel much healthier and so many of my friends want to know what kind of diet I am doing. No I don’t feel jittery, no I don’t feel hungry. Yes I can go up and down the stairs multiple times without losing my breath.” 

Candy said that she had dropped four clothing sizes in just a month. However, she was not content to remain where she was. She plunged forward to lose all the weight she wanted to. 

However, Candy confessed that she had fallen “off the wagon” and had to “start again.” She wrote, “I am daring myself to keep honest, and post once a day my lows and my highs.” 

Eventually, Candy lost over 100 pounds. She was so happy. She admitted, “I did not work out in the morning, I worked out tonight with my special one dancing non stop for 2 hours! I have lost over 100 pounds, but also 20 years of emptiness! I feel so young and happy!”

 She testified, “What was my life like before GBA? Fat, depressing, and fake. This is not your quick fix, band aid diet. This is a life style that sticks to you. I have learnt new values, tools, and motivation to truly love myself. I thank you Don Karl Juravin for your endless and selfless love for humanity. Because of you, I am finally realizing who I am and my purpose in life.” 

Although one comment on one of Candy’s posts accused her of being a paid advertiser, or even a bot, it is obvious from Candy’s Facebook profile that 1) she lost the weight. She has before and after pics. The product worked. 2) She is a real person with an active Facebook page. 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative is a program designed to help people naturally lose weight without invasive surgery.

6 thoughts on “Candy Mendoza

  1. Diligence is the most valuable quality that someone can have these days. The world is full of distractions and Candy reminds us that even the most efficient method needs consistency in the actions. I’m happy to see that this also created a new way of thinking and acting in the everyday life.


  2. Cheating on your dreams is really about cheating on yourself. Your future self. That perfect future self that looks back at you and loves you unconditionally. Don’t cheat on people that love you and do the best to become like them.


  3. Candy didn’t give up, despite the fact she knew she failed in some areas. Her courage to pick up herself and see that her dream is realized is worthy of emulation. Thanks to Don for his continual contribution to the health sector.


  4. The alternative created by Mr. Don is not a scam. Candy can really testify that she is healthier and can live a happy life. I stand with Mr. Don, his critics are all liars, I believe when someone does a great thing it attracts a lot of criticism.


  5. People are always concerned and disturbed when they are getting obese and can’t control it. But with the gastric bypass you can be sure of significant results.


  6. Thanks to Don, anyone that says he is fake is cannot be saying the truth. We need to stand to defend lives and give hope to those that have lost hope or discouraged about their physique.


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