Staci Heck


Don Karl Juravin is the number one weight loss expert in America. But his critics would have you believe that his work is not real. So our investigative team looked into some of the people who testified that the Gastric Bypass Alternative helped them lose weight. Here are the results.

When was the last time you lost a significant amount of weight? Has it been a while? 

The Gastric Bypass Alternative is a program meant to help people lose that pesky weight that simply won’t come off. Sometimes you just need an extra push to get the weight off, so you can start over again and start living a healthy lifestyle. Just ask Staci Heck.

Staci lost 26 pounds in a month when she used the Gastric Bypass Alternative. She was an active part of the weight loss Facebook group. She wrote that she gained weight when she was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease. “Since then my weight has kept going up and up!” she said. 

Staci also blamed her weight gain on her “terrible eating habits.” She was determined to lose the weight “so that I can have better mobility and not be in constant pain.” 

She wrote on the group’s wall that she had lost five pounds during one day alone. She started the program thinking that she would only lose half a pound a day. Staci wrote, “I know individual results will vary, but I also realize you need this feedback in order to know how the members who struggle with metabolism issues do with it!” 

Investigative research revealed that Staci was a real person, from her very active Facebook page to the constant updates she posted on her own wall. 

Don Juravin’s Gastric Bypass Alternative program was created twelve years ago to help people shed the pounds they needed to lose in order to be healthier and to have better quality of life. People who are overweight experience much pain and pressure on their joints. It becomes difficult to cope with certain diseases when your body is overtaxed with weight. 

Doctors may push for gastric bypass surgery, but this surgery can come with complications that may make your situation worse. 

Losing weight also dramatically improves your mental health and helps your body cope with pain better. 

4 thoughts on “Staci Heck

  1. It’s simple to achieve such results with little motivation and a lot of discipline. The great thing is that the less you weight the more willpower you have available. It’s interesting how our bodies influence our thinking.


  2. Staci, keep up with the great work! I know that it’s easy to get back to the old habits but please remember why you started all this. This is not only about the weight, it’s also about who you really are and the life that you know that you deserve.


  3. From Staci Heck, it is obvious that she was surprised about the outcome of the the Gastric Bypass Alternative. Don has helped to greatly reduce the risk of going through a surgery. The more we pay attention to our health the better it is for us. Using the natural means of weight loss is beyond doubt the most impressive move.


  4. The discovery has been the talk of the day. Some are of the opinion that the product is a scam, and the only way to ensure we get the best is to try it out ourselves. Thanks to Mr. Don for this discovery.


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