Is the World’s Number One Weight Loss Expert A Fraud?


Don Juravin writes that he is the world’s number one weight loss expert. Is this true? Or are his detractors correct in saying that this isn’t a real title?

Don Juravin created a product called the Gastric Bypass Alternative twelve years ago. Since then, he has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds collectively. Even with an FTC judgment against the product, people came to him because the product worked. 

If the product was a scam, people wouldn’t lose weight. But even more than that, does the world’s number one weight loss expert exist? 

No one else but Don Juravin calls themselves the world’s number one weight loss expert. So there is no competition for the title. 

The world’s number one weight loss expert would help people lose weight by providing personal support. Don Juravin runs the world’s largest Facebook group for people that want to lose weight. The Gastric Bypass Alternative is not just a product or a pill that magically makes you lose weight. It’s a supplement that forces you to try to lose weight. You have to spend money to get the supplement, which makes you value it more. 

People join the group in order to lose weight so that they do not have to have the gastric bypass surgery. The surgery is invasive and hard to recover from. People develop infections from the surgery, or they gain all the weight back in a matter of months. 

Worse than that, the surgery offers a risk of death. One out of 50 die during the first thirty days after the surgery. Whoever offers the bypass surgery is not interested in helping their patients lose weight. 

People need to know the foods that they must avoid in order to lose weight. People need boot camp. They need to be reprogrammed. 

Don Juravin didn’t even accept money from people who wanted to lose weight while he was being sued by the FTC. Instead, he made those who wanted to do the program donate to their favorite charity instead. It was never about the money. It was about developing the right attitude. 

The FTC sued Mr. Juravin and his company for selling a product without providing a clinical to prove the use of their product. But the FTC misunderstood what was being marketed. The supplement was only a small part of the program. The program was to have people lose weight and be healthy.

5 thoughts on “Is the World’s Number One Weight Loss Expert A Fraud?

  1. He is actually changing lives and bringing a significant distance to the lives of people suffering from obesity. We need more people like him contributing to the society.


  2. Thanks to John, he has saved me a lot of money trying to go for surgery. Really, he is the world’s number one weight-loss expert and none can take that place.


    1. I came in contact with Mr. Juravin sometimes back, then I was getting worried about how to manage obesity, and indeed it brought calmness to me, and now I am happy about being me!!!


  3. Mr. Don is the best weight loss expert in the states! Thanks to his program and selfless character, I lost 92 pounds in 2 months. I can’t express how grateful I am!


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