Is Bella Collina A Ghost Town, Or Does Don Juravin Lie?


One of the many claims that Don Juravin, an inventor and researcher, has made about Bella Collina is that it is a “ghost town.” In fact, he has said this so much that Bella Collina’s corrupt staff has accused him of defaming the neighborhood with this term. 

However, is Bella Collina, a gated community in central Florida, a ghost town? According to Mr. Juravin, there are over 900 lots in Bella Collina. However, only 70 of those lots are filled. That’s less than 10 percent residency in a gated community noted for luxury and convenience. 

Could it be that Bella Collina is unable to attract potential customers because something is wrong? 

Mr. Juravin reviews, “Almost all week long you can see trash on Bella Collina’s streets. No one really cares here. It seems like the only thing Dwight Schar cares about is sales.” 

Dwight Schar is a billionaire, a former RNC chairman, a minority owner of the Redskins, and an owner of Bella Collina. One would think that a businessman with such a high reputation and very little drama surrounding his name would be able to provide a high quality, luxury community and stay true to the advertising. However, apparently, this is not the case. 

Bella Collina has 70 homeowners. That would not be terrible if the neighborhood was only beginning. But Bella Collina has been around for 17 years. The community was started in 2002. For a neighborhood that offers a golf course, a club, and such luxury, why isn’t it popular? How come Bella Collina cannot gain more than 10% capacity? 

Perhaps the hundreds of lawsuits inflicted on homeowners by the POA have something to do with it. Over 500 lawsuits have been filed involving Bella Collina. The lawsuits against the staff have accusations ranging from harassment to racketeering to fraud. 

Using Dwight Schar’s massive attorney army, the staff at Bella Collina have fired back with a few lawsuits of their own. They have targeted and abused homeowners, charging with property violations even before notifying the homeowners of lawsuits. They have endangered families and children with their desperate attempts at retaliation. 

HOAs and POAs are notorious in the news for being unfair and for scheming to sue homeowners. Don Juravin has battled with this particular POA for more than four years. The difference between Bella Collina’s POA and any normal neighborhood is that Bella Collina is in fact, a ghost town. 

The POA has many slots for homeowner representation. However, in a neighborhood that has 900 lots but only 70 homeowners, the property managers are kings. Therefore, when Don Juravin penned his one negative review of Bella Collina, revenge was swift and sudden. 

He was sued several times. The Bella Collina staff was so eager to harass Mr. Juravin and his family that they sued him before even notifying him that he had supposedly violated the POA terms. They banned him and his children from using the property club. 

Four years later, they refuse to leave him and his family alone. 

Would you move to Bella Collina if you knew this was what was happening?

10 thoughts on “Is Bella Collina A Ghost Town, Or Does Don Juravin Lie?

  1. I agree with your review of Bella Collina. It is true that all week long we see trash on Bella Collina’s streets. People really have no cares here. Because of these careless acts Bella Collina unable to attract potential customers.


  2. I like the title of this article and Don Juravin is don’t lie in this article. I have read your article and some others your information is very useful and based on the truth about Bella Collina.


  3. HOA at Bella Collina has failed miserably to maintain and I witnessed all the mess myself. Due to their ignorance and laziness, it has actually turned into a ghost town.


  4. Bella Collina has turned into the most unlikely neighborhood to live in as no one would wish to live in a ghost town like this with minimal maintenance and sanity conditions could not be worse.


  5. This is really a sad situation. People invested a lot of money in the “luxury” property and the HOA fees only to get the same thing that people have in the least funded areas. This also infuriates.


  6. I think this is a clear example why people should forget what salespeople told them and go check on their own what kind of neighborhood are they joining. Facts are the hardest thing to deny.


  7. Mr. Don is doing a great job. This information is so vital, and I think we need more people like him who would speak the truth and seek means of advancing our world.


  8. Bella Collina has turned out to be one of the most deserted places, and I think no one would want to invest in a place where things are not working. On my part, I would advise we stere clear.


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