Is Don Juravin Capable Of Helping People Lose Weight?


The Gastric Bypass Alternative is an invention created by Don Juravin meant to help people lose weight. 

While many people might have questions about whether or not the system works, the results speak for themselves. Thousands of people have lost hundreds of pounds of weight and successfully kept the weight off. 

The American Heart Association says that obesity is a disease that strains your heart, raises blood pressure, cholesterol, and increases the chance of type two diabetes. Weight loss helps cure these problems. Don Juravin has helped many people to lose these problems. 

Britney Treyvelan wrote that she lost 60 pounds in three months. That’s 20 pounds a month. By using the Gastric Bypass Alternative, Britney was able to bring her weight down significantly. With the help of the program, she plans to lose even more weight. She said, “I am going for more. I want more.” 

But this is not the only person that Juravin has helped. There have been many more who have lost significant amounts of weight. Cami Dayle Hill lost 62 pounds in less than three months as well. Hill wrote, “Woo hoo!” on Mr. Juravin’s Facebook page, the number one weight loss group in the world. 

Losing weight helps people’s mood improve. Mental health and depression are linked with obesity and unhealthy habits. While medicine and psychology are important, a clean mind in a healthy body offers some slight benefit as well. 

Susan Endicott learned this while she lost weight with the Gastric Bypass Alternative. She wrote, “I have ALWAYS had a  really big butt! It is so nice feeling and looking more ‘normal.’” Endicott lost 50 pounds in three months. She lost 8 inches off her waist size and went down 8 jean sizes. In addition, she went from a size 24 to a 16. 

Every ten pounds you lose means that you can go down one full clothing size. Being able to fit in your clothes is such a good feeling in and of itself. It is worth every part of the process. 

Shawn Nichols lost 62 pounds in less than three months. He was able to buy a new pair of pants after the weight came off. He was happy to lose all that weight and buy new clothes. 

Don Juravin’s Gastric Bypass Alternative is a significantly better option than the Gastric Bypass surgery. The bypass surgery offers a chance of death within the first thirty days after the surgery. Some of the nastier side effects of the surgery include infection, “dumping syndrome,” the inability to eat certain foods, acid reflux, malnutrition, and hernias. 

16 thoughts on “Is Don Juravin Capable Of Helping People Lose Weight?

  1. I have read reviews of people who lose their weight because of Juravin.
    I would like to give it a try and come back to share my opinions.


  2. Gastric Bypass Alternative is a very useful invention by Don Juravin. I read out the whole article and reviews of people about it and I really want to try this.


  3. I think that Don Juravin already proved everything that he had to prove. The system is working and people see tangible results. Life quality and mindset receive a similar boost, just stop looking for excuses and do something to change what you have.


  4. The weight loss process comes with a lot of challenges. Don Juravin provided everything required to obtain the result that my friend strove to have and his assistance always of great value.


  5. Don Juravin’s Gastric Bypass is an alternative. Thanks to Don for his positive contribution to human health. His passion to give hope is highly commendable.


  6. Knowledge is power, and Don is ensuring everyone lives a happy life. He is making waves in the health sector and focusing on areas that have been neglected.


  7. With the Gastric Bypass Alternative, Juravin has helped to improves lives tremendously. I could only imagine the relief he has brought to many people and families, knowing you won’t go through an operation is relieving and will boost the morale of the obese.


  8. A remarkable man with a great mind! Selfless person with a wish to help humanity and motivate to do more! Invention that thousands of people used to help their bodies be healthy and lose weight in a safe way! My mother used the Gastric Bypass Alternative and she lost 30 pounds!


  9. Don is the best weight loss expert in America! The difference between Don and the other experts are that he really cares for the people’s health, even when they lose weight and regain their healthy life. That is what he is special for. His caring!


  10. Great! Don is a recognized weight loss expert. He has helped more then 80,000 people to lose weight. I am talking about really fat people with serious obesity problems! I love reading this though, so motivating!


  11. My sister was one “The Don”‘s clients. She lost 80 pounds in 2.5 months! We couldn’t believe it, she is very happy living her life now


  12. My sister lost 74 pounds in 2 months thanks to Don’s regimen! It’s more than proof that people actually lose weight with his help!


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