Don Juravin Is Not A Doctor. But Is He A Weight Loss Expert?


There are many inventors in history who have added to the list of reliable medical materials. Doctors and scientists have created innumerable inventions to better the world. 

But not all of these inventions were made by doctors or scientists. Some of the most important inventions were made by people who didn’t have medical degrees, or any college degrees at all. 

The BandAid was created by a factory worker who worked at Johnson and Johnson. 

Earle Dickson was a cotton buyer who made a small adhesive bandage for his wife in 1920. Because of his invention, Dickson was made vice president of the company. Everyone uses bandaids. They are a household item and a household name. 

Mir Imran is an Indian medical inventor who created a catheter for the treatment of arrhythmias. He is not a physician either. This has not stopped his massive contribution to the medical world. His catheter is used by cardiac physicians. 

He also created an aspirator system meant for catheter based interventions. Another one of his inventions was a pill that allowed certain medications to be taken orally that previously were not available in pill form. The pill allows the bloodstream to absorb the medication immediately. 

Another person without a medical degree who invented a system of treatment was Vivien Thomas, a laboratory supervisor who didn’t go to college at all. He created a procedure that was supposed to treat a type of heart disease found in infants in the 1940s. 

Don Juravin is another inventor that made a medical treatment without a medical degree. He created the Gastric Bypass Alternative that was meant to help people avoid invasive surgery in order to lose weight. 

The gastric bypass surgery offered more risks to people than doctors were willing to say. According to one study, one out of fifty were at risk for dying within thirty days after the operation. The Gastric Bypass Alternative offers patients the opportunity to lose weight without risking their lives in a surgery. 

Critics may say that Don Juravin is not a doctor and is not qualified to come up with a system to help people lose weight. But if they use that standard to dismiss his invention, then other important inventions will also be dismissed. 

Why stop at the Gastric Bypass Alternative? Why not throw out the bandaids, the pills, and the system meant to cure a heart disease? Why not let people die until doctors come up with different solutions for the problem. 

11 thoughts on “Don Juravin Is Not A Doctor. But Is He A Weight Loss Expert?

  1. If you are not a doctor then I don’t think we can rely on this method. It is good if the medical center takes responsibility for it.


  2. Gastric Bypass Alternative that was meant to help people avoid invasive surgery in order to lose weight. But it is not owned by any medical center. So, Its may be risky because only reviews are not enough.


  3. I think that the reason behind all this is the same that doesn’t allow military medicine to be widely spread: a quick solution makes a low profit, a chronic treatment makes you a lifetime client.


  4. I understand why people should get a degree and a licence to practice a certain profession. This is an old approach that creates perfect cogs for the system but it should not be an obstacle for bright inventors.


  5. People’s thinking is biased. It makes me laugh when I see people buy the most chemically processed foods and ingredients for bakery with the sincere belief that a “Dr.” prefix on the brand means it’s healthy to use them. Labeling simplifies the life but it never uncovers the true essence.


  6. I don’t think a degree is a prerequisite to making the world a safe place to live in. If Don is seeing how to make the world a better place, I see no reason why we should criticize him.


  7. Thanks to Don for making the best invention, and giving people that suffer from obesity the reason to smile. I believe he is giving hope to those that are discouraged and worried about their health and body physique.


  8. A degree should not be the factor to determine what you practice, knowledge acquired and researches can go a long way in saving lives. Why not focus on the right thing?


  9. This is great and ground breaking, he is doing things that are worthy of commendation. We need more people that are passionate about result and saving lives.


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