Is Don Juravin a Scammer or Does He Save Lives?


Don Karl Juravin is the inventor of the Gastric Bypass Alternative (GPA). This alternative was meant to help people lose weight without invasive surgery. 

 Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. 70 million adults in the U.S. are obese. The gastric bypass surgery is dangerous. The risk of dying during the first 30 days after the surgery is one in 50

Gastric Bypass Alternative saves people from having to undergo this dangerous surgery. Through dietary supplements and fasting, patients lose the weight almost as if they had the surgery, but their risks of death are none. 

The invention was made 12 years ago, after Don Juravin undertook extensive research to see what would work best for people. After he launched the product, it was extremely successful. Thousands of people lost all the weight they needed to shed in order to be healthy and happy again. 

The facts don’t lie. Tim Spooner wrote in 2017 that he had lost 94 pounds in four months using the Gastric Bypass Alternative. According to Spooner, Juravin himself pushed him to lose the weight before Christmas. “I had accepted his challenge and I hate to lose,” he said. 

Spooner’s life is so much better now that he has lost all that weight. “ I had type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol and after losing weight I am now off both those medications,” he said. “I no longer snore and scare my wife when it sounds like I have stopped breathing in my sleep. I have all the usual aches and pains that go along with being 57 years old, but I feel like a whole new person.”

The product is not free because Don Juravin understands how people value products. Losing weight is a difficult process. If people have to save and spend money on their weight loss regimen, they are more likely to stick to it. 

The purpose of the regimen is to lose weight. It is not to taste good things or relax or be lazy. Don Juravin coaches people throughout the process. His process is not a democratic one by any stretch of the imagination. 

Juravin promises, “If I could electric shock each one of you every time you overeat or even think of junk food, I WOULD. I treat every one of you like I treat a family member I love.” 

In the Facebook group, Juravin makes sure that every member gets helped. No self-pitying posts are allowed. Posts that call for attention in a self-pitying manner are deleted. 

Don Juravin leads his group like he led the military. Foolishness is discouraged. 

But the results are staggering. People lose the weight and keep it off. Harvard Health writes that it is very difficult not only to lose the weight needed, but also to keep it off. Juravin has helped people achieve the impossible by doing both.

5 thoughts on “Is Don Juravin a Scammer or Does He Save Lives?

  1. It’s encouraging to see a strong community that is always available in the hardest times. I think this is one of the reasons why Don Juravin succeded with this program and helped so many people. Cheers!


  2. People should try for themselves and not ask silly questions. The testimonials tell how many lives improved with the help of this method and we can only guess how many were saved from hard chronic diseases.


  3. Difficult situations require great control, and the approach that Don Juravin takes is designed to achieve results. It’s easier to find excuses but it’s more rewarding to achieve results. Just follow the weight loss instructions and take full responsibility over your behavior.


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