What Is The Gastric Bypass Alternative?


The Gastric Bypass Alternative was created to help people. 

Don Karl Juravin, an inventor born in the Holy Land, wanted to create something that would help save people from invasive surgery. He knew that people in the United States and around the world suffer from obesity. 

Juravin studied the obesity epidemic and determined what the problem was. Obesity could be cured, without surgery, if people really wanted to lose the weight. So, he created a product called the Gastric Bypass Alternative. In 2008, after careful research, Don Juravin launched the company that started it all. 

If people took the supplement that was sent to them, and followed very carefully the plan set up by Don Juravin, the results were significant. Many people lost hundreds of pounds thanks to the Gastric Bypass Alternative. 

After he created the product, he created a support group for those who wanted to join. It grew to be the home for thousands of people who all wanted to lose weight and make their lives better. With Don Juravin overseeing it all, the group became a part of the program. 

In order to keep up with the program, marking one’s progress is crucial. Don encourages the program’s participants to post about themselves and comment on each other’s posts. However, no compliments or making a fuss about losing weight is allowed. If one person loses 50 pounds, but has 50 pounds more to lose, they are not finished. They should not be complimented. They should finish first. Then they will have done something that they are proud of. 

Don Juravin does not do this for money or for fame. He genuinely wants people to live healthy lifestyles and not have to suffer. Even after he was unable to provide the supplement, he gave the advice to the group for free. 

Don Juravin has been helping people with the Gastric Bypass Alternative for more than eleven years. Several patients have testified that they have lost thousands of pounds thanks to Don Juravin. His work has quite literally saved their lives. 

In an upcoming post I will discuss the FTC ruling on Don Juravin. 

However, the FTC did NOT find that Don Juravin’s product was not effective. It did not say that the product was dangerous in any way. It did not rule that the product was a bad product. 

Here are some of the great reviews Don Juravin has received from those he has helped:

Sandra Lee Deal says: “I lost 50 lbs in 10 weeks WITHOUT surgery!!! Thanks to Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE, I have more energy, better sex, less hip pain, and I fall asleep faster then I did before I started using GBA. I know I usually show my weekly results from the side view but this week I decided to take a straight on picture to see if I can see a difference. LOVING MY RESULTS!!!”

Teresa Scott says she lost 170 pounds. She no longer has to take high blood pressure medication or diabetes medication.

11 thoughts on “What Is The Gastric Bypass Alternative?

  1. You has been helping people with the Gastric Bypass Alternative its really appreciated. Many patients have testified and the reviews are good so want to try it.


  2. Thank you for sharing these inspiring examples. People should know that they have a safe option for their most painful problems and this method proves that life quality can be seriously improved.


  3. This approach seems to be so simple yet so many people are still afraid of anything that wasn’t endorsed by one of their celebrities. Things should be judged by their efficiency and so many people proved it to work. Thank you for helping people with your work.


  4. These are tremendous results that are changing lives! I just wonder how many rounds of clothes were changed on the process and if the new dress purchases were making them just as happy as their new bodies!


  5. The support and the sense of unity makes the process a lot easier. The mood receives a great boost when you see that people are on their track and you just have to keep up with them.


  6. Thanks to Don for his extensive studies. He has proved that we can get better in all areas lives and particularly about our health. With this alternative, no need for surgeries.


  7. This invention by Don is remarkable. It is worthy of note that he does not even have a medical background, but his contribution to the health sector can not be overlooked.


  8. This is awesome! To know you could loose weight naturally is a good improvement. I believe Don does this because of the passion he has for people.


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